EDITION PASTORPLATZ has been publishing heavily illustrated children’s books since 2014, and cartoons from 2011-2016. The choice of paper and binding, or the layout of the books, plays a major role. The number of publications per year is currently 6-8 books.
We mainly publish the following categories:

Picture books and now and then children’s books/read-aloud books/first reading books for the age group between 3 and 10 years. These books are heavily illustrated depending on the age group. Our children’s books should convey positive content and definitely teach the children something, but they should first and foremost be fun. The educational idea should not be obviously in the foreground. The educational content may be amusing, funny, silly or even crudely packaged.

We want to make our children’s books as elaborate as possible, but also as appropriate as necessary to the content. Therefore, our children’s books are exclusively produced as hardcover with thread binding. The page paper is selected offset printing paper with a pleasant feel and high grammages (140 g to 170 g are the rule). We produce the rather large-format books exclusively in offset printing with proven printers.

Illustration and book design are extremely important to us. Only what is good and what we like gets between two book covers.
We publish what we like: funny, crude and yet substantial and, above all, good stories, very good illustrations, a great book design and a lavish layout and layout of the book so that it is a pleasure to pick it up.