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Sleeping Like Turnips

Rights sold: Italian

Tomorrow, I am the Boss!

Rights sold: Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Luxembourgish, Polish, Swedish

Toubab in Senegal

Rights sold: French

I Have to Go, Said the Bear

Rights sold: Slovenian

Next Round

Rights sold: Italian, Slovenian

The Lido

Rights sold: Lithuanian, Russian


Heart Storm - Storm Heart

Rights sold: Polish

Raccoon Does the Laundry

Rights sold: Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Portuguese

My Unfamiliar City

Rights sold: Russian

Song of the River

Rights sold: Korean

Wie rettet man Kunst

How to Rescue Art

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.), Korean, Russian

Alva and the Glow of Memories

Rights sold: Catalan, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish

Have You Seen Dinosaur_cover

Have You Seen Dinosaur?

Rights sold: Dutch (Gottmer Publishing), Italian (Terre di mezzo)

The Observologist

Rights sold: Simpl. Chinese, Dutch, German, Korean (Pan Publishing)

The Carnival of the Animals

Rights sold: Simplified Chinese

The Ant and the Frog

Rights sold: Norwegian

The Tiny Woman's Coat

Rights sold: Italian


Rights sold: Italian, Korean

Can I Be in the Middle, Please?

Rights sold: Danish, Dutch, English, French, Italian, Kazakh, Korean, Portuguese (Brazil)

Sound Caper. A Note Steps Out of Line

Rights sold: Italian, Kazakh

One Night in Paradise

Rights sold: Spanish

Art Eater. From the Life of a Museum Moth

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.), Italian, Kazakh

When Dad's Hair Took Off

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese (simpl.), English, French, Italian, Korean, Polish, Spanish, Turkish