The Bukowskis fight their way through

The Bukowski siblings have had a long summer at the lido. The days are getting shorter – but no less exciting! For Alf, the narrator, who finally takes up boxing and still thinks about the beautiful Johanna. (So often that he drops his guard while boxing and that hurts!) For Katinka, his tough sister, who is preparing her career as a model in Paris and even for the dreamy Robbie, who ticks a little differently than the other children and who will surprise everyone this winter.

The Bukowskis don’t have much money, and now their mum is also worried about losing her job at the bakery. In any case, spectacular birthday parties and the like are out of the question and Alf often longs for a quiet corner to retreat to in their chaotic little apartment. A place where he can think about himself and Johanna, or about his first boxing match.

And yet, Alf feels that he really has everything: a family in which everyone pays attention to everyone else, dreams that are respected and as much freedom as is needed to become strong and look forward to what is to come.

Next Round ties in with Will Gmehling’s Outdoor Pool; both children’s novels can be read independently of one another.

by Will Gmehling


“The Bukowski‘s world is not rich, at least not in terms of money. But their life is rich in love, trust and solidarity! And the way Will Gmehling talks about it, we cannot get enought of it.“ – Maren Bonacker, Gíeßener Zeitung


Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 176 pp | 10+

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[original title: Nächste Runde. Die Bukowskis boxen sich durch]

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