Dragobert of Crumblestone

on 27/09/2022

Flower Sisters

on 27/09/2022

The Green Pirates – Alarm at the Seal Rescue Station

on 25/09/2022

The Green Pirates – Hunting the Waste Disposal Mafia

on 25/09/2022

The Green Pirates – Whales in Distress

on 16/09/2022

The Green Pirates – Monkey Business at the Chicken Farm

on 14/09/2022

Nelly & Dash – Freshly Painted Poodle

on 01/09/2022

Bottom in the Hay

on 31/08/2022

The Christmas Party

on 17/08/2022

When Are You Coming, Papschku?

on 15/08/2022

Ringo and the Vampire Rabbits

on 12/08/2022

Leander Linnen’s Shop of Wonders

on 10/08/2022

When Daddy’s Hair Went on Holiday

on 10/08/2022

Mission Hollercamp – The Mysterious Treasure

on 07/08/2022

Wieke & Ken

on 27/01/2022

Lua and the Magic Marbel

on 15/12/2021

The Crazy Inventors’ Hut – The Soda Bubbler

on 16/10/2021

Cat Theatre!

on 19/09/2021


on 15/09/2021

Mission Hollercamp – The Creepy Stranger

on 15/09/2021

The Uprising: The Mapmakers in Cruxcia

on 22/08/2021

The Creepy House of Mr. Pasternak

on 17/04/2021

Rabbits up the Nose

on 17/04/2021

An Elephant Does a Handstand

on 17/04/2021

Town Bear Returns to the Forest

on 17/04/2021

Next Round

on 18/10/2020

Leo’s Wild Adventures – Moon Fever

on 11/10/2020

Every Day is Ida-Day

on 11/10/2020

Super Pug and the Mysterious Robo Hero

on 10/06/2020

Alice Littlebird

on 10/06/2020

The World’s Worst Pirate

on 19/04/2020

Super Pug and the Piercing Villain Alarm

on 10/11/2019

The Guardian Angels’ Car Wash

on 18/09/2019


on 11/11/2018

The Wild House of Animals: The Drama-Lama

on 11/11/2018

Frieda and the Happiness of Small Things

on 20/09/2018

The Little Prince Celebrates Christmas

on 20/09/2018

Heart Storm – Storm Heart

on 30/04/2018

The Richest Boy in the World

on 29/04/2018

The Mapmaker’s Race

on 26/04/2018

Going Off Like Schmitz’s Cat

on 05/03/2018

The Town Musicians of Bremen – What Really Happened

on 05/03/2018

Joki and the Wolves

on 14/02/2018

Helper and Helper

on 23/01/2018

Stories of the Wild West Gang

on 23/01/2018

Snake & Lizard

on 23/01/2018

Time is (Not) Like a Cake

on 26/12/2017

The People from Mumpitztown: The Kidnapped Mayor

on 26/12/2017

Sam Stripe and the Glitter Cat

on 26/12/2017

Pauline & Uncle Snotbert

on 26/12/2017

The Frog Prince – What Really Happened

on 26/12/2017

Leo’s Wild Adventures: The Beetle Chaos

on 26/12/2017

Maxima and I

on 26/12/2017

Minna – Again and again

on 26/12/2017

Finn Does it Differently

on 18/11/2017

How I Suddenly Became Rich and Thought Everything’s Going to be Cool

on 18/11/2017

King Will Join Us Later

on 14/11/2017


on 10/12/2016

The Magic Pattern

on 02/12/2016

The Zebra Under the Bed

on 23/10/2016

Leo’s Wild Adventures – Dinosaur Alarm

on 19/09/2016

How We Saved Christmas Once

on 19/09/2016

Hodgepodge in the Head

on 19/09/2016

Othello & Giovanni – The Great Cat Robbery

on 19/09/2016

A Houseboat for Wolf

on 19/09/2016

33 Arches and One Teahouse

on 08/07/2016

Mac Stink and the Totally Crazy Caber Toss

on 14/02/2016

Mac Stink and the Ordinarily Special Pants

on 14/02/2016

Erik and Roderik

on 14/02/2016

A Monument for Mrs. Hasenohr

on 14/02/2016

Lisa, Paul and Mrs. Fish

on 14/02/2016

Did Jesus Play Football?

on 22/01/2016

The Road to Ratenburg

on 16/01/2016

This Is Minna!

on 14/01/2016

You Must Not Kiss Dragons

on 05/01/2016

You Must Not Cook Dragons

on 05/01/2016

Cosmo’s World

on 29/07/2015

The Little Lion and the Little Clown

on 21/07/2015

The Green Pirates – Trapped Birds of Prey

on 04/02/2015

We Have Won the Lottery!

on 03/02/2015

The Magic Minus

on 26/01/2015

Alma’s Secret Garden

on 26/01/2015

Tilda and the Scent of the World

on 19/01/2015

Ede and the Meerkat Gang

on 11/01/2015

Ede and the Treasure Hunters

on 11/01/2015

Make Way for Oswald! Desperately Seeking Santa

on 28/11/2014

iX-Mission Scrapyard

on 28/10/2014

Sam Stripe and the Queen of Sheba

on 23/07/2014

Sam Stripe and the Mysterious Gold Scraper

on 23/07/2014

Sam Stripe Hunts the Bird Thief

on 23/07/2014

The Magic Times Table

on 23/07/2014
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