Regina Wenig & Liliane Oser

Farmer Irrfing and the Congo Beetle

The children have to go on holiday—
their parents are stressed out

On Monday, the Congo beetle is ready for a holiday. His parents have to work, so they send him to Farmer Irrfing: get on the U5, rumble to the Beetle main station, get on the (Beetle) fast train to Plattling, there take the logging railroad to Regen. Arriving at Irrfing and his wife Hulda‘s, there‘s food and later a bed in the cosy hay.
On Tuesday the cockatoo is ready for a holiday: so off to the U5, then the Cockatoo fast train, the logging railroad and so on to Farmer Irrfing.
On Wednesday the black stallion needs a holiday: off the U5 and so on, on Thursday the little tiger sets off and on Friday two flamingos.

Saturday morning the little llama suddenly doesn‘t want to go. And now?

Moritz Verlag

Early Readers | Children’s Fiction

Original title: Bauer Errfin und der Kongokäfer
Age 7+
88 pp | € 10.95
hc | 155 x 216 mm
Publication: February 2022

Author: Regina Wenig
Illustrator: Liliane Oser

Rights sold: French


 “Guaranteed holiday travel fun!“ – hr2 kultur

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