Margaux Grappe & Maylis Daufresne

A Flower

Une fleur

 What is so beautiful at the top of the mountain?

– Trust me, says Zélie to her brother Noé, you won’t be disappointed…

This poetic picture-book tells two parallel stories: the story of a flower (the edelweiss) that blossoms and learns about its environment, the fauna, the flora and the elements that surround it, and the story of a child who climbs the mountain with his sister in search of this much sought-after flower.

Maison Eliza

Picture Book

Original title: Une fleur
ge 3+
32 pp | € 14.50
hc | 160 x 240 mm
Publication: March 2024

Author: Maylis Daufresne
Illustrator: Margaux Grappe

All rights available, excl. Simplified Chinese


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