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EMYS Non-Fiction Prize for “Life Everywhere”

Life Everywhere – The amazing coexistence of species on our planet by Sascha Mamczak, Martina Vogl & Katrin Stangl has won the EMYS Non-Fiction Prize! The jury’s verdict: “A wonderful book that provides so much information and aha-experiences that you won’t want to put it down. […] After reading it, our view of our surroundings,…

The Mapmakers’ Race – Finalist in Italy’s premier children’s book prize

Eirlys Hunter is off to Rome in December 2023 for the awards ceremony of Premio Strega Ragazze e Ragazzi 2023, where The Mapmakers’ Race is one of three finalists in the 11+ category. Alongside the jury, the award involves nearly 4000 school students choosing favourite stories, characters and authors. Full details about the book

Four White Ravens 2023

           Four titles from my portfolio are a White Raven 2023: Super Glitter by Nele Brönner & Melanie Laibl (Luftschacht) Courage is a Good Thing by Arne Rautenberg & Wolf Erlbruch (Peter Hammer Verlag) The Grizzled Grist Does Not Exist by Juliette MacIver & Sarah Davis (Gecko Press) How We Once Kidnapped…

Alexandra Prischedko wins the Troisdorf Children’s Jury Picture Book Award

“What Are You Doing There?” won the Troisdorf Children’s Jury Picture Book Award! The children’s jury had chosen her book with a clear majority. This is already the second honour for the young German-Ukrainian artist Alexandra Prischedko. Congratulations! This special picture book has already been shortlisted for the Serafina 2022, which is the Illustration Newcomer…

LILI FLIES AT THE TOP wins the Korbinian Paul Maar Award

LILI FLIES AT THE TOP by Julia Willmann has won the Korbinian Paul Maar Newcomer Award 2023! Congratulations! This prize is awarded by the German Academy for Children’s Literature and the jury said: „Exciting, full of linguistic wit and close to the facts, Julia Willmann succeeds in adapting Nature Writing for a younger audience, sensitizing…

“Wild Bike Ride with Velociraptor” is STEM Book of the Month

WILD BIKE RIDE WITH VELOCIRAPTOR by Nils Mohl and Halina Kirschner has been selected as the MINT (STEM) Book of the Month by STUBE in April 2023. It was also selected as one of the ‘7 Best Books for Young Readers’ the same month. From the STUBE review: ” … the encounter between author and…

“How to Rescue Art” wins Toad of the Month

How to Rescue Art has won the Toad of the Month by STUBE in March 2023 and was also selected as one of ‘7 Best Books for Young Readers’ in April. What dangers threaten paintings, how can works of art be restored and what actually happened to Hugo von Rangenstein’s nose? Restorers Fabienne Meyer and…

“Pizza Cat” is one of ‘7 Best Books for Young Readers’

PIZZA CAT by Will Gmehling and illustrated by Antje Damm has already been selected and awarded as   One of the 7 Best Books for Young Readers, May 2023 (Deutschlandfunk Leselotse, March 2023 Poetry Tipp, STUBE, March 2023 This funny rhyming story about Pia the Pizza cat, who delivers the most delicious pizza to everyone…

“Henny & Ponger” nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2023

After having received a number of awards already – including Book of the Month (Akademie KJL), with the Toad of the Month (STUBE) or the LesePeter (AJuM of the GEW) – Nils Mohl’s YA novel “Henny & Ponger” has now been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2023. This is what the jury had…

“Super Glitter” wins the Austrian Children’s Book Award 2023

  SUPER GLITTER by Nele Brönner and Melanie Laibl has won the Austrian Children‘s Book Award 2023! It has also previously been selected as one of the Seven Best Books for Young Readers and received the Lektorix in November 2022. Click here for more information

2022 IBBY Honour List

Two books have made it onto the 2022 IBBY Honour LIst: THE LIDO by Will Gmehling & THE GREY GIANTS by Raffaela Schöbitz. Click on the covers for more information!  

Wolf Erlbruch

It is with a heavy heart that I announce that Wolf Erlbruch has passed away. He died on 11 December 2022 at the age of 74. Wolf Erlbruch was the first German author/illustrator to win the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award in 2017 and one of the most renowned picture book artists internationally. The picture book…

Luchs Award for Jörg Mühle

Jörg Mühle’s brilliant children’s fiction title WHEN DAD’S HAIR TOOK OFF has won the Luchs Award! “This fast-paced story is told by a child who can only be seen once in the 70-page book – when he and his mother watch his distraught father through the window. The quirky adventure is the brainchild of Jörg…

BRAW 2022: Amazing Bookshelf

Bologna Book Fair 2022: Two books published by Maison Eliza were on prominent display as part of the BRAW Amazing Bookshelf by the Bologna Ragazzi Award 2022: Hélène Herry & Yukiko Noritake‘s LA PROMENEUSE (The Walker) and Jennifer Bouron‘s DES CONTRAIRES (Opposites). Congratulations! Click on the covers for more detailed information:    

Isabel Pin nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2022

Isabel Pin’s AT THE TIME OF THE DODO has been nominated for this year’s German Children’s Literature Award. This is what the jury had to say: “The bibliophile-looking large format […] invites you on a thematic journey through time. At the centre is the exotic-looking dodo that inspires the imagination. Where exactly did he live?…

Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos

The very funny picture book THE SELFIE by Joaquín Camp & Pilar Serrano has been highlighted as a ‚recommendation‘ as part of the Premio Fundación Cuatrogatos. The jury selected 100 books out of a total of 1203 entries. This is a hilarious rendition of a beaver wanting to take the perfect selfie – whilst trying…


I am delighted to share the news that THE VISITOR by Antje Damm can now be enjoyed as a puppet theatre play at the Ljubljana Puppet Theatre!

Four White Ravens!!!

I am thrilled to report that four books from my portfolio have made it into the 2021 selection of the White Ravens! LITTLE FOX IN A BOX by Antje Damm HEY, HEY, HEY, TAXI by Saša Stanišić & Katja Spitzer THE INKBERG ENIGMA by Jonathan King THE SNOW LEOPARD by Verena Hochleitner Click on the…

Land in Reverse – in English translation

  Connie Hill-Turner has prepared a fantastic English sample translation of Henning Wagenbreth’s Land in Reverse [Rückwärtsland], which can now be seen on the Translators Aloud YouTube Channel!   Click on the cover for more information about this outstanding book:  

Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award

A New World – Nature, Humans and the Future of Our Planet has been nominated for the 2021 German Children’s Literature Award. The Jury: “There is no doubt about it: the situation of our world, the earth we live on, is in need of improvement. But what exactly can we do? This is exactly where…

3 Books in the 100 OUTSTANDING PICTURE BOOKS selection

3 books have made it into the Summer 2021 selection of the 100 OUTSTANDING PICTURE BOOKS – curated by dPICTUS! – click on the covers for further details –    

Nature Book of the Month: The Snow Leopard

The Snow Leopard by Verena Hochleitner is one of the Three for our Planet Books chosen by the German Academie for Children’s Literature in June (Nature Book) “The scent of spring – how much people long for the awakening of nature, Hochleitner demonstrates in a special manner in text and images. You can feel the…

3 Titles Longlisted for Most Beautiful German Book

Three books have made it onto the Longlist of the Most Beautiful German Books 2021! The list from Stiftung Buchkunst comprises 33 books and I am delighted that these are amongst the chosen ones:       – click on the covers to go to the full title description –

Winner of the LovelyBooks Readers’ Prize 2020

FLUFF AND THE BURST OF COURAGE by Malene Walter has won this year’s LovelyBooks Readers’ Prize in the picture book category! Click on the image for more information.

Rattenfänger Literature Prize – Recommendation

I am thrilled to announce that Heiko Hentschel’s THE HUNGRY GLASS is one of the books recommended by the Rattenfänger Literature Prize 2020 [Pied Piper Literature Prize]. This is prize is awarded once every two years and given to outstanding children’s/young adult books of particular expressiveness in both text and imagery. 2020 saw a total…

2020 Jane Addams Children’s Book Award Finalist!

The Day Saida Arrived by Susana Gomez Redondo, illustrated by Sonja Wimmer, translated into English by Lawrence Schimel  is one of the finalists for the Jane Addams Children’s Book Award, which is awarded in January 2021. It is the only book among the 12 finalists that has been translated from another language. The annual Jane Addams…

Two Winners of the DJLP!

                    Absolutely thrilled to announce that two book on my portfolio have won the German Children’s Literature Award 2020! Will Gmehling’s OUTDOOR POOL in the children’s fiction category and David Böhm’s A IS FOR ANTARCTICA in the non-fiction category! Congratulations! Here are the links to the…

White Ravens 2020 for FOX GOES FOR A RIDE

Susanne Straßer’s Fox Goes for a Ride is one of the White Ravens 2020! “Thanks to its onomatopoeic text, which lends itself to reading-aloud, and the principle of repetition and variation, “Fuchs fährt Auto” is a picture book that will surely delight little listeners.” https://whiteravens.ijb.de/book/168  

Magnesia Litera Award 2020 for David Böhm

    David Böhm‘s A IS FOR ANTARCTICA has won the the Magnesia Litera Book Award 2020 – the most prestigious Czech book prize! Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.), Korean, Russian, Slovak. https://youtu.be/QWWlzkgofX8 https://www.magnesia-litera.cz

One of the Most Beautiful German Books 2020

Antje Damn’s Every Day is Ida-Day is one of the most beautiful German Books 2020, awarded by Stiftung Buchkunst [Foundation for Book Art]! A remarkable mix between a comic and a search-and-find-book in which protagonist Ida draws the reader in by describing her days chronologically throughout the year (birthday, sick day, school day, Easter day,…

THE LIDO nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award

Will Gmehling’s middle grade novel THE LIDO has been nominated for this year’s German Children’s Literature Award! This is what the jury had to say: “Every day in the outdoor pool! All summer long! The Bukowski siblings Katinka, Robbie and the first-person narrator Alf can hardly believe it. Just because they saved a small child…

Antarctica Book Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award!

A is for Antarctica by David Böhm has been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award! This is what the jury had to say: “Antarctica, the southernmost continent on earth, is extraordinary in many ways: As a place of extremes and supposedly the last, untouched wilderness, the eternal ice is invaluable, but also – but…

TOWN BEAR wins the Children’s Book Prize NRW

Katja Gehrmann’s Town Bear has been announced as the winner of this year’s Children’s Book Prize NRW, which is awarded to books which arouse a fondness of reading in the youngest readers and thus contribute to cultural education and learning.  

The Zebra Under the Bed selected by Goethe Institut

Markus Orths’ The Zebra Under the Bed is now featured in the Goethe Institut’s reader “Books First”, recommending 15 titles for which a grant for translation into English is guaranteed. The reader includes an excellent English sample translation of the book:    

Susanne Straßer wins the Prix P’tits Mômes

The French edition of Susanne Straßer’s So Tired and Wide Awake (Un sommeil agité, published by Éditions Tourbillon) has won this year’s Prix P’tits Mômes! Congratulations Susanne Straßer!  

Fantastic Review of LA VISITE

Those of you reading French may enjoy this fantastic review of the French edition of Antje Damm’s THE VISITOR: Un tourbillon dans une maison endormie

Leipzig Reading Compass 2019 for HEART STORM

Heart Storm – Storm Heart by Annette Herzog, Katrine Clante & Rasmus Bregnhøi has been awarded with the Leipzig Reading Compass 2019! The Jury said: “A great book about growing up: funny, authentic and philosophical at the same time!” For more information, please click on the cover:

Nominations for the German Children’s Literature Award 2019

We’re delighted to announce that the following books have been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2019:    Jörg Mühle: Two for Me, One for You   Antje Damm: Where Do We Go From Here? Please click on the cover images for more information on these titles.

Recommended by Fundación Cuatrogatos

The Letter (La carta) has been recommended by La Fundación Cuatorgatos. They have chosen 20 winners and 100 recommended titles out of a total of 1,500 books, published by 175 Spanish language publishers from 19 countries. We’re delighted to see The Letter on the list of recommendations! La carta by Rocío Araya and Roser Rimbau…

Happy Birthday Little Mole!

The Little Mole, created by Wolf Erlbruch and Werner Holzwarth, is celebrating its 30th birthday this year! Not only has this outstanding children's classic been published in 41 languages over the course of time, it continues to win children's hearts in new markets. This year will see its first publication in the Luxembourgish language -...

Children’s Book Prize NRW 2018 for KING WILL JOIN US LATER

We are delighted to announce that King Will Join Us Later by Andrea Karimé and Jens Rassmus has won the Children’s Book Prize NRW 2018! From the ministry’s message: “Reading pleasure is a pleasure that should not be withheld from any child. Inspiring stories and attractively designed books that are suitable for reading aloud and…

Antje Damm Wins the 2018 New York Times Best Illustrated Children’s Books Award

Antje Damm’s THE VISITOR [Der Besuch, published by Moritz Verlag] has won the 2018 New York Times/New York Public Library Best Illustrated Children’s Books! Congratulations Antje!!! For more information, click on the link below:  

White Ravens 2018

We are delighted to report that two books were selected as White Ravens 2018: Two for Me, One for You by Jörg Mühle and La Carta by Rocío Araya and Roser Rimbau  

New York Times features Poor Little Rabbit

Jörg Mühle’s POOR LITTLE RABBIT has been praised in the NYT’s from Sunday, 9th September. Maria Russo, the children’s books editor at the Book Review describes the books as “besides being fun, this gem is also a way to show toddlers hwo to put empathy into action. “You’ve made him all better” they’re told at…

Book Summer Readers’ Prize 2018

How I Suddenly Became Rich and Thought Everyting’s Going to be Cool by Stephanie Polák has been nominated for the Book Summer Readers’ Prize 2018. The Book Summer Readers’ Prize is part of the Saxony-wide holiday reading campaign “Buchsommer Sachsen”. The participating readers choose their favourite book. It is an award that focuses on the…

EMYS Non-Fiction Book Prize

Johannes Gutenberg & the Printing Press has been awarded the EMYS Non-Fiction Book Prize in July 2018! The EMYS Jury said: “This book belongs into every children’s bedroom” The book has also previously been selected as “Book of the Month” in March 2018.

Silver Brush for David Barrow

The Dutch edition of HAVE YOU SEEN ELEPHANT (published by Gottmer) has been award the Silver Brush 2018 (Zilveren Griffel). Out of all the new Dutch picture books in 2017 eight Silver Brushes were awarded and we are delighted that David’s book is amongst the final eight! This is what the jury had to say:…

Troisdorf Picture Book Award for THE VISITOR

Antje Damm has won the 2nd prize in the Troisdorf Picture Book Award, which is the only German prize that specifically honours the illustrations of a picture book. It recognises outstanding achievements in the area of artistic picture book illustration.

Directory of Translation Grants

The Aldus European Bookfairs’ Network is now offering a directory of translations grants. This global database provides a country by country insight on funding opportunities for literary translation projects. Designed as a tool for professionals in the book sector, the directory is meant to provide comprehensive and updated information on existing initiatives providing financial support…

Picture Book Award – 2018 Finalists

The Longest Breakfast by Sarah Wilkins & Jenny Bornholdt is amongst the finalists for the New Zealand Book Awards for Children & Young Adults. Congratulations!

A lovely video of the Little Rabbit ‘in action’

Watch this lovely video of the Spanish edition of Tickle My Ears ‘in action’:

Joy Cowley Shortlisted for the Hans Christian Andersen Award 2018

Joy Cowley, who has recently been made a member of the New Zealand Order of Merit in the 2018 Honours List, is shortlisted for the 2018 Hans Christian Andersen Awards. She is one of New Zealand’s best-loved and internationally renowned writers for children. Joy Cowley has been highly acclaimed throughout her career, winning the Prime Minister’s Award for…

Tickle My Ears in sign language

TICKLE MY EARS is now also available in sign language!   http://video.dgs-kids.de/24_ohren_kraulen_480.mp4

Mac Stink and the Ordinarily Special Pants

Mac Stink and the Ordinarily Special Pants wins the “Castle Stories” – Bad Iburg Children’s Literature Prize!  

German-French Literature Award

King Will Join Us Later by Andrea Karimé and Jens Rassmus has been shortlisted for the German-French-Children’s Literature Award 2018. This is the only prize for contemporary Children’s/YA literature in Germany and France. It is awarded to outstanding works of German and French literature every year with one German and one French author receiving the…

Antje Damm – Let’s Talk Illustrators

Mel Schuit’s Let’s Talk About Picture Books Blog now features a lovely interview with Antje Damm, introducing her picture book Waiting for Goliath while talking about Antje’s work processes and her inspiration. Check out Mel’s blog for some extra images showing Antje’s ‘behind the scenes’ work: http://www.letstalkpicturebooks.com/2017/10/lets-talk-illustrators-44-antje-damm.html

Little Rabbit Animation

Follow this link for a cute and brilliant animation of TICKLE MY EARS – make sure you turn on the sound! http://media.ecoledesloisirs.fr/show-bonus-jeu.php?id_bonus=707 Merken Merken

Praise for Little Rabbit

Axel Scheffler, illustrator of The Gruffalo. Tickle my Ears by Jörg Mühle One of my favourite books of 2016 is a board book by the German illustrator Jörg Mühle, ‘Tickle my Ears’ from Gecko Press. It’s a charming bedtime story for very young children and proof that books can be as interactive as an app with beautiful, heartwarming…

Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards

Bathtime for Little Rabbit has been shortlisted for the Sainsbury’s Children’s Book Awards – in the Baby and Toddler category. The winners will be announced at the end of August and we’re keeping our fingers crossed for Jörg Mühle’s lovely Little Rabbit!    

Wolf Erlbruch – 2017 Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award laureate

  from the Astrid Lindgren Memorial Award Website: Wolf Erlbruch, born in 1948, is a German illustrator and picturebook author. He has written some ten books of his own and illustrated nearly fifty titles by other authors. He is best known for his illustrations of The Story of the Little Mole Who Knew It Was…

PSSST! is nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award

PSSST! by Annette Herzog and Katrine Clante has been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award! Merken Merken

Kirkus Best Picture Books of 2016

David Barrow’s Have You Seen Elephant? has been named one of the Best Picture Books of 2016 by Kirkus! Click here to read the full Kirkus starred review.

Non-fiction Book of the Year 2016

Jens Soentgen’s How to Philosophise with Fire has won the award of Non-fiction Book of the Year 2016 – as the most knowledgeable young adult book. The prize is awarded by the magazine Bild der Wissenschaft, which has chosen six books that deal with scientific and research topics in a particularly competent, accessible and entertaining…

Nadia Budde’s new book has been awarded as one of the “Remarkable Books 2016”

Nadia Budde’s new book Outside My Door on the Footmat has been chosen as one of the “Remarkable Books 2016”; a prize that is awarded as part of the 16th International Literary Festival in Berlin. The organisers ask themselves the question “Which remarkable book should children, teenagers or young adults read at all costs?” We…

HAVE YOU SEEN ELEPHANT – nominated for the Waterstones Children’s Book Prize 2016

LOOK! Germany is Guest of Honour in Bologna 2016!

Germany was Guest of Honour at this year’s Bologna Book Fair! Click HERE to download the LOOK! catalogue! The following illustrators that have been selected for the Illustrator’s Exhibition are also part of my portfolio: Sonja Bougaeva Antje Damm Stella Dreis Ina Hattenhauer Tobias Krejtschi The works of the following authors/illustrators that have been selected…

The White Ravens 2015

  We are delighted that Jörg Mühle’s TICKLE MY EARS is part of the White Ravens 2015 selection of international children’s and youth literature by the International Youth Library, Munich. For a detailed description and the jury’s credentials, please click on the book cover.

Take a Look Behind the Scenes: Antje Damm’s The Visitor

  Antje Damm © Buchmarkt Find out how Antje Damm designed her extraordinary new book The Visitor in the extensive press review that was written by Susanna Wengeler and published in the German trade magazine Buchmarkt. You can download a full English translation of the review by clicking on the photograph and a detailed info sheet…

Leipzig Reading Compass 2015 for Antje Damm’s The Visitor & Susanne Straßer’s So Far Up

  The jury about The Visitor: “A wonderful, creative storybook – not just for grandparents and grandchildren!” The jury about So Far Up: “A brilliant example that goes to show what often ridiculed board books are capable of!”

The White Ravens 2014

            We are pleased to announce that both Monday is Back-to-Front-Cap-Day by Arne Rautenberg and Jens Rassmus and What Races Past so Fast by Thomas Müller  have been selected to form part of the White Ravens 2014 selection of international children’s and youth literature by the International Youth Library, Munich. For a detailed description…

In Memory of Jürg Schubiger

We are deeply saddened by the loss of Jürg Schubiger, who died at the age of 77 in Zurich on 15th September 2014. His wonderful stories and poems have greatly enriched the publishing programme of Peter Hammer Verlag for many years. Jürg Schubiger wrote both for children and adults and received numerous important awards for…

Wolf Erlbruch Wins e.o. plauen-Award 2014

The author and illustrator Wolf Erlbruch has received the e.o. plauen-Award 2014. The jury describes Wolf Erlbruch as “a marvel of illustration”. His style is “distinctive, despite him using diverse techniques such as drawing, collage, painting and assemblage”. But it is thanks to his abundance of expression and ideas, from which he has developed a…

German Design Award 2014 – Special Mention

When Death Came Calling by Rotraut Susanne Berner and Jürg Schubiger received the German Design Award 2014 in the category Special Mention. An unusual award for an exceptional picture book! It has also previously been awarded as One of the Most Beautiful German Books, has received a White Raven and a LesePeter in 2011. Click…

Tickle My Ears in The Guardian

Jörg Mühle’s Tickle My Ears has been selected by The Guardian as one of the recommended Gift Purchases for this Christmas! Fancy that!   Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken Merken