A New World – Nature, Humans and the Future of Our Planet has been nominated for the 2021 German Children’s Literature Award.

The Jury:

“There is no doubt about it: the situation of our world, the earth we live on, is in need of improvement. But what exactly can we do?

This is exactly where Sascha Mamczak and Martina Vogl start with their convincing reading book A New World. Starting with a dense analysis of the situation, the author duo reflects and philosophises into the future. In ten chapters that build almost perfectly on each other, they reflect on the history of humanity’s development, on nature and culture, “Life’s Riddle”, on progress and growth and also on the ecological crisis.

What makes this cleverly thought-out book so valuable is its clear answer: the only reliable source of change lies within us, within each individual. The derivation and formulation of this message is fluid, stringent and unprejudiced, with a thoroughly political approach: it is up to you to think and act for yourself!

Coherent colour illustrations and vignettes by Katrin Stangl, a harmonious layout, fine typeface design with integrated quotations and targeted use of colour also make the book aesthetically pleasing. For further reflection, the rich appendix contains ten books, films, websites and organisations that are committed to a new world.

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