Makes you want to go to the museum—an exciting mixture of narrative text and non-fiction picture book

Museum moth Heribert is a great lover of art. After a visit to his family in the countryside, he takes his niece Jolinde to the museum where he lives to show her how great art is and how good it tastes.

A thief who wants to steal Heribert‘s favourite picture, of all things, causes a great stir. Can the insects living in the museum work together to set off the motion detector? This would be the insects‘ chance to be of benefit to the people at the museum who consider them pests.

In the course of the story, many questions about art & museums are briefly and succinctly explored in a way that is suitable for children, e.g. What is art? What is a museum? Since when have museums existed? What different museums are there? Some are presented by way of example. What pests are there in a museum? How is a museum structured?

A richly illustrated museum excursion with many suggestions.

by Christine Ziegler & Stephanie Marian


“breathtakingly beautiful book” – Lena Schröder, Fuddelknuddels Bookshelf


Südpol Verlag | hc | 64 pp | 230 x 330 mm | 6+

Rights sold: Chinese (simpl.)


[original title: Kunstfresser. Aus dem Leben einer Museumsmotte]