Gavin Bishop

Miro - Look

This arresting board book of first words in both Spanish and English by award-winning Gavin Bishop pairs family faces and toys to show connections while building vocabulary for shapes and colours.

A member of the extended family looks directly at the reader alongside a familiar toy.
Labels give the Spanish and English words for what we see—colours, shapes, eyes, ears, nose, hair—and there are more connections to find in every illustration pair.

Words and images are chosen to include the unexpected and imaginative alongside the obvious, making this more than just a first-words book.

This is a bilingual book to ask questions, point and talk, for adult reader and child to learn and explore together—or to enjoy quietly alone.

“Gavin’s compelling images are the perfect vehicle for showing connections between the people and toys that fill a child’s world.” – Rachel Lawson, Publisher

Gecko Press

Board Book

Original title: Miro – Look
Age 0-3
18 pp
cased board book | 215 x 215 mm
Publication: May 2024

Author & Illustrator: Gavin Bishop

All rights available, excl. Simplified Chinese, Turkish and Spanish (North America)


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