A day with grandad showing in simple, beautiful images the bond between grandfather and child: a small hand in a big one, big gumboots and little, some food, stories and a snooze to finish.

Pops is a warm and universal board book about a day with grandad. The bond between grandfather and child is shown through big, beautiful images and simple text. The child and their Pops explore the day—they go for a walk, collect food from the garden, eat, tell stories, and snuggle up for a rest to finish.

  • Warm story to share with very young children
  • Shows a multigenerational and multi-ethnic family relationship
  • Inclusive illustrations – no gender specified for the child and ‘Pops’ could apply to different family relationships

by Gavin Bishop


“It is a thoughtful, gentle and considered approach.” – Book Trailers 4 Kids and YA


Gecko Press | board | 18 pp | 185 x 185 mm | 1+

All rights availabe, except for Chinese & Turkish


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