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We are a rights agency representing 14 children’s book publishers from Germany, Austria, France, Spain, New Zealand and Ireland.
mundt agency works solely for publishing houses and acts as their exclusive rights agent, representing and selling rights in their children’s books across the world.

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RAINY DAY by Jens Rassmus

This wonderful silent book has already won several prizes: Leselotse, March/April 2024 | Leipzig Reading Compass 2024 | 7 Best Books for Young Readers | Lektorix of the Month
"An absolutely successful, visually enormously powerful work that is suitable for young and old to stimulate their own imagination!" Jury of the Leipzig Reading Compass 2024

Frag mich_Premio_Andersen_square

Andersen Award for ASK ME! by Antje Damm

The Italian edition of ASK ME! by Antje Damm has won this year's Premio Andersen - in the category 'Best Book Ever'! Congratulations!

Our portfolio includes board books, picture books, children’s and young adult fiction, comics & graphic novels, children’s & juvenile non-fiction, activity books and cookbooks.


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