Patricia Thoma & Brothers Grimm

The Twelve Dancing Princesses

The Brothers Grimm’s fairy tale deals with the timeless yet very topical subject of the transition from childhood to adulthood.

The king’s twelve daughters withdraw from their father into a world of their own and guard this secret closely. Only twelve pairs of completely worn-out shoes per night bear witness to the girls’ nocturnal debauchery.
But what do the sisters actually do at night? Where do the girls disappear to in the dark?
The king cannot bear this loss of control over his children and, in time-honoured fashion, promises whoever reveals the secret for him a daughter as his wife and the kingdom as well. Noble princes fail miserably.
In the end, it is a poor soldier who solves the riddle with the help of a wise old woman and follows the girls into the underground nightlife.

Edition Bracklo

Picture Book | Fairy Tale

Original title: Die zertanzten Schuhe
Age 4+
44 pp | € 22
hc | 305 x 200 mm
Publication: March 2024

Author: Brothers Grimm
Illustrator: Patricia Thoma

All rights available


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