Ramón D. Veiga & Iván R.

It's Raining!


A new adventure with Earthworm

Earthworm loves the rain, but none of his friends is willing to get wet to play with him. Well, maybe there’s someone who doesn’t mind the rain … guess who? Get your mackintosh ready and dive into this new adventure of your favourite characters!

Earthworm is the main character in this comic series. A lover of pizza, with a fine sense of humour and an irresistible empathy, he will introduce us to the life of worms and will never cease to surprise us with his irrepressible curiosity and desire to befriend other animals. On this occasion, in the middle of the rain, and when no one wants to play with him, Earthworm makes friends with the animal that appeared briefly at the end of the first comic in the series: the Slug.


Comics & Graphic Novels

Original title: ¡Llueve! Una nueva aventura de LombrizAge 5+
64 pp | € 14
hc | 170 x 240 mm
Publication: March 2024

Author: Ramón D. Veiga
Illustrator: Iván F.

All rights available


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