Susanne Straßer

Stop the Ball!

Stop the ball!

Duck plays ball. Oops – what’s the ball doing, where is it going? The duck chases after the ball and an animal is added on each double page until a whole menagerie is whizzing through the book. Hold the ball! It bounces – BAMM! – against the tree, bounces – DOING, DOING, DOING – down the stairs, lands – SPLASH – in the pond, before the child kicks it – FFFUIIH! – into the goal and the game can finally begin.

Susanne Straßer’s wild chase after the ball not only makes children wide awake, it also encourages the grown-ups. First to read aloud, then to kick the ball.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Board Book

Original title: Haltet den Ball!
Age 2+
26 pp | € 14.90
board | 215  x 210 mm
Publication: August 2024

Author & Illustrator: Susanne Straßer

Rights sold: Dutch


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