Tim is not at a loss for excuses. In fact, he is in desperate need of excuses—every day of the week. On Monday, because he’s late for school. On Tuesday, because he forgets his socks. On Wednesday, because he brings home a dog instead of the shopping. That’s the way it works all through the week until Sunday, although every week Tim resolves not to mess up again.

This turns out to be a blessing for all those who get to hear his fantastic excuses!

Anushka Ravishankar, a star among the children’s book authors in India, spins rhyming tales of clock hands that suddenly change direction, of elephants who stop the traffic and of impeccable homework that suddenly makes off on two legs.

Susanne Straßer draws a gorgeous little boy who finds himself entangled in the rules that dictate the adult world.

by Susanne Straßer & Anushka Ravishankar


“Excuses Excuses is a humorous, tongue-in-cheek picture book for all children who have the most unusual things happen to them day after day, and for which they are not to blame. It is a book for all adults who do not want to hear these stories anymore. With its wit and charm, the picture book builds a bridge between the two and demonstrates the boundless imagination of children.” – Janetts Meinung


“A jolly catalogue of perfect excuses.” – Leselotse, Börsenblatt

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 32 pp | 220 x 300 mm | 2019 | 5+

All rights available (illustration rights only)


[original title of the German edition: Ausreden Ausreden]