Susanne Straßer

Soup's Ready!

12 o’clock – time for soup!

Everyone knows what goes in: the horse brings a red turnip. Lid open – lid closed. The goat brings tender twigs, the dog a crunchy bone, the squirrel fresh spruce cones. Lid open – lid closed. Finally ready: Bon appétit!

But what if the soup tastes awful? Then Susanne Straßer pulls a delicious surprise out of her hat!

In the end, everyone is happy and stuffed.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Board Book

Original title: Suppe ist fertig!

Age 2+
26 pp | € 14,90
board | 245 x 190 mm
Publication: 2022

Author & Illustrator: Susanne Straßer

All rights available


“… the pictures also tell little stories. But above all, the body language of the animals is very well depicted. You can sense their emotions immediately. […]
Once again I am amazed at how well Susanne Straßer has managed the balancing act between easy comprehensibility for young readers and a book with a certain humour that everyone can enjoy. […] they [the stories] also have this punch line that you don’t expect and the joke in the pictures. They are simply exceedingly well-created works in every sense.” –


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