Susanne Straßer

So far up

 At the bottom is the bear, he’s hungry. At the top is the cake. Tasty, sweet and out of reach.

This story has begun before you’ve even opened the book and even the very young will grasp the problem at one glance. Not to be able to reach – that is precisely what they experience every day!

But then pig arrives, followed by the dog, the rabbit, the chicken and the frog. The old trick works: Giving each other a leg-up leads to an ever-growing, funny and wobbly ladder that grows with the turn of every page.

Peter Hammer Verlag

Board Book

Original title: So weit oben

Age 2+
24 pp | € 14,90
board | 165 x 280 mm
Publication: 2014

Author & Illustrator: Susanne Straßer

Rights sold: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (simplified), Danish, Dutch, English (world), French, Korean, Pashto, Portuguese (Brazil), Russian, Spanish


“How Susanne Straßer succeeds in narrating soooo much with so few resources and have the little readers so spellbound is truly masterly.” – Buchhandlung Eulenspiegel

“A brilliant example that goes to show what often ridiculed board books are capable of!” – The jury – Leipzig Reading Compass

“This picture book treasure is illustrated affectionately and funny at the same time and highly recommendable for children aged 2 and up (and not just for those!)” – Monika Seyerlein

“The attractively illustrated team of animals and playful language sprinkles ensure that this series story has a lot of potential to become a favourite book.” – Sylvia Näger / Kindergarten Heute

“The bear who wanted to steal the cake and then gets it as a present” is something my daughter often says when she orders her bedtime story. She means “So far up” and she often orders it. Because the pictures are colourful and clear, tidy and full of little details, the animals are cute and lovable, the language is lively and funny, the plot is straightforward but full of action … Which is why my daughter won’t be the only child who loves this book.” – Sigrid Tinz, Kinderbuch-Couch

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