Dr. Johanna Klement & Stephanie Marian

Rebel Cells - A wild journey through the body


An adventurous journey through the body with three little rebel cells

The little body cells Mio, Nea and Fago are desperate to know what the world outside looks like. So they plan a daring journey through the human body to the eye. In the process, they run into Dendritus and his gang of all people – will the three manage to escape the mean killer cells?

With exciting facts about raging blood cells, slippery nasal mucus and strong muscles, as well as lots of hands-on tips. With lots of exciting and age-appropriate factual information: What is a cell? – Every 30 days you are in a new skin – Blood is not always red – Super muscle heart – The oxygen filling station for the blood – How can we see? – Can bacteria also be useful? – Why is faeces brown? – Why do we blink? – What does “being immune” mean?

Südpol Verlag

Non-fiction Picture Book

Original title: Rebellenzellen. Eine wilde Reise durch den Körper
Age 6+
64 pp | € 24
hc | 230 x 330 mm
Publication: August 2023

Author: Dr. Johanna Klement
Illustrator: Stephanie Marian

All rights available


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