Inge Brendler & Stephanie Marian

Sound Caper - A Note Steps out of Line

An exciting journey through the world of music with numerous audio examples

The little note Finn no longer feels comfortable within his birthday song, because the other notes claim that he doesn’t sound nice, not festive enough. He decides to jump out of the music socre to look for new music that suits him better.

Finn comes across a pop band, gets to know blues, sounds along in a symphony, learns about Japanese koto music, folk music and a church organ. Finn is allowed to play and sound everywhere, but doesn’t really fit in anywhere. Until he suddenly hears beautiful music on the radio – his music! But where will he find it?

On this exciting journey through different musical styles, children can learn a lot about music and instruments, e.g. What is a note? Why do we need notes at all? Since when has music existed? What are the different styles of music and instruments? How does an orchestra work? and much more.

Südpol Verlag

Non-fiction Picture Book

Original title: Klangstreich – Eine Note tanzt aus der Reihe
Age 6+
64 pp | € 24
hc | 230 x 330 mm
Publication: August 2022

Author: Inge Brendler
Illustrator: Stephanie Marian

All rights available


“Lots of information, picture and audio examples show the world of music: narrative history meets non-fiction.” – Börsenblatt

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