Antje Damm

The Nori Says No!

The Nori lives underground and loves red berries and life in nature. But one day a giantess throws something into its cave, destroys the table and chair and snatches it away from its world. She sees the Nori as her toy, which is to live in a doll’s house and eat green berries. Terrible! The Nori is desperate and screams as loud as it can: NO!

The giantess has understood. She takes the Nori back to his world: now everything is good again. Almost as it was before.

Antje Damm tells a story about self-assertion and self-determination. She tells it in such a way that children learn to defend their own boundaries, but also see how quickly they themselves can overstep those of others.

With silhouettes, a technique that has not been seen for a long time, Antje Damm adds a strong accent to the picture book landscape.

Moritz Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Das Nori sagt Nein!
Age 4+
48 pp | € 14,00
hc | 195 x 253 mm
Publication: September 2024

Author & Illustrator: Antje Damm

All rights available


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