52 Opportunities to Talk About Lies and the Truth  Echt wahr

Does everyone lie every now and again? Is it allowed to tell white lies?
Why do we want to know the truth?
Is there always just one truth?
Can animals lie?

Lies can have far-reaching consequences. But they can also be a last resort. When do we have to say the truth? Are invented stories not often the more interesting ones? This book contains many fascinating starting points to give thought to the lie and the truth.

by Antje Damm 


  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen
  • Book of the Month – Feb 2015, German Academy for Children’s and Young Adult Literature
  • Best Books of 2014, Category “Non-fiction” – Leporello

“An ingeniously small book on a big topic.” – Hans ten Doornkaat, NZZ on Sunday

“A playful yet philosophical approach of the vast and diverse topic of the truth and the lie.” – Leporello.ch

“The entertaining and inspiring book encourages reflections about moral and tolerance and it opens windows for the discussion about the last things which are often the first for young people.” – Angelika Overrath, NZZ

Moritz Verlag | hc | 112 pp | 20 x 15 cm | 2014 | 5+

Rights sold: Chinese (simplified), Korean, Spanish

[original title: Echt wahr?]