Occasions to Think About Nothingness

Are we nothing before we are born? Is it possible that nothingness is a hole? Where does a journey into nothingness lead?

It is questions such as these that Antje Damm asks in this book and she thus takes children absolutely seriously. Her unique composition of succinct phrases with often mind-boggling pictures instantaneously animates children to think for themselves – because philosophising in this way is fun! And along the way you learn of composers who have an orchestra play nothing for 4 minutes and 33 seconds, of artists who tried to paint nothing. And who was it that said “I know that I know nothing”?

by Antje Damm


  • “Kröte des Monats” [Toad of the Month] – STUBE, Jan 2010
  • Recommendation – Illustration Award for Children’s Books 2010

Moritz Verlag | picture book | hc | 96 pp | 20.2 x 15 cm | 2009 | 6+

Rights sold: Spanish (Latin America)


[original title: Nichts und wieder nichts]