Will the earth always be there? This is one of the questions Antje Damm poses in her book. Who wants to answer it? But to discuss it, to philosophise about it is fun and prompts us to think about the world in which we live. Where does fear come from? Does it hurt to grow old? Why do we all look so different?

Antje Damm brings up questions about heaven and earth, about life and our world, about death and love. She wants to initiate conversation, provoke stories and pique our curiosity. She takes children seriously as the little philosophers that they are and doesn’t put complex topics past them.
To each question are allocated two images that inspire you to find your own answers. These are sometimes photos, sometimes illustrations, but they always correlate in that they form a contrast or pose different approaches or similarities.
This book is the ideal introduction for children and adults to the great questions about the world.

by Antje Damm

Moritz Verlag | hc | 69 pp | 173 x 172 mm | 2009 | 6+

Rights sold: Spanish (Latin America)

[original title: Ist 7 viel?]