If grandma knew

“If you could wish for something, what would it be?“, Grandma wants to know from Fips as they are taking a walk. After various suggestions, Fips finally comes clean: no kite, no bicycle, no dog—no: a trip is Fips‘ greatest wish—and together with Grandma! “Sometimes wishes come true,“ says Grandma and smiles.

For this picture book, Antje Damm has changed her working method again: She carves figures and inventory out of wood, paints everything with acrylic paint and can then build her story and photograph it. The result fascinates in every possible way—not only grandmas and their grandchildren!

by Antje Damm


“This creates a reading situation in which the children can actively participate. By looking at the pictures, the little ones can complete grandma‘s sentences. In our home, they enthusiastically “read along“ every time. […] And I am so touched by this fine little obok […], with its simple but nonetheless skin-deep installations.“ – www.lesenleuchtet.com


Moritz Verlag | board |22 pp | 145 x 150 mm |2022 | 3+

All rights available


[original German title: Der Wunsch]


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