A fascinating voyage of discovery through the flavours of the world!

How does food taste in different countries of the world?

This non-fiction book takes young readers on a journey around the globe: 13 children from different continents introduce their country. The authors Paola Frattola Gebhardt and Leyla Köksal-Mergner conducted interviews during their work in development aid and on their travels around the world and asked them about their favourite food.

The result is this colourful non-fiction book that invites readers to discover the lives of children in other countries. Simple recipes typical of the country with step-by-step photos encourage children to try their hand at cooking. Child-friendly information about culture, everyday life and eating habits round off the country portrait.


  • Children from 13 countries introduce the culture, daily life and foods from around the world
  • With lots of information and do-it-yourself ideas: grow a date tree Yoga exercises, build a herb garden and much more
  • For tolerance and open-mindedness: Was einem schmeckt, fühlt sich nicht mehr fremd an
  • Countries that are presented: Ethiopia, Brasil, China, France, Great Britain, Japan, Marocco, India, Italy, Mexico, Russia, Turkey, USA

by Paola Frattola Gebhardt, Leyla Köksal-Mergner & Stephanie Marian

Südpol Verlag | hc | 120 pp | 230 x 305 mm | 2022 | 8+

All rights available


[original German title: Die Welt schmecken und entdecken. Eine kulinarische Weltreise für Kinder]