warten-auf-goliathA bear sits on a bench at the bus stop and tells everyone who passes by that he is waiting for Goliath. Goliath is strong and clever: “He can even count up to 18!”. At last, a bus arrives—but no one gets off. But Bear is certain: “He’s coming. He won’t let me wait in vain.”

Bear patiently continues to wait. The robins have already flown south when the first snow falls: When Bear wakes up after a long sleep, he hears a sound as if someone was moving their hand over a piece of paper. Sure enough: Goliath is here and the two immediately know what they will be doing first! Finding out who Goliath really is turns out to be a big surprise for everyone!

by Antje Damm


“This touching story is more than a celebration of true friendship. It’s a tribute to the power of optimism, hope and the value of living in the ‘here and now’. Damm’s carefully crafted text guides our reading of her photographs, which she created using
hand-coloured cutouts.” – Teach Reading & Writing Magazine


“This is a warm and surprising story with depth and humor and luminous illustrations.” – Best New Picture Books, The Children’s Book Review


“Bear’s loyalty to and confidence in Goliath are rewarding in themselves, but it’s Damm’s carefully constructed and photographed dioramas that make the book such a charmer. […] An elegantly understated portrait of patience and faith.” – PW Starred Review


“[…] shadows cast by the grasses change as first hours and then seasons go by […] An only seemingly simple but endlessly sweet meditation on patience.” – Kirkus Reviews, Starred Review


“Bear’s loyalty to and confidence in Goliath are rewarding in themselves, but it’s Damm’s carefully constructed and photographed dioramas that make the book such a charmer.  […] An elegantly understated portrait of patience and faith.“ – Publishers Weekly, Starred Review


“A wonderful, profound picture book, a book about time, waiting and a friendship that ungrudgingly overlooks lateness, because one friend is fully aware of the other’s handicap.” – Katja Bergmann, gelesenundgehört


“The images by Antje Damm, that have once again been crafted, cut, glued and photographed are heart-warmingly beautiful and the adorable ending of her story doesn’t leave only bear with a blissful feeling.” – Kilifü, Almanach der Kinderliteratur 2016/17


“Magically beautiful collages with magnificent depth effect illustrate another heart-warming story by the popular author. Everything about it is poetic, including the descriptions. […] A little masterpiece that demonstrates that patience is worthwhile.” – Kinder– und Jugendmedien Bern-Freiburg


Waiting for Goliath is praise to friendship and an innovation of illustration technique. Antje Damm, architect and children’s book author, has cut the protagonists out of cardboard, placed and photographed them in little landscapes. And this combination makes for great fun!” – juliliest.net, 2nd September 2016


“Antje Damm once again casts a spell on the reader with the simple elements of a peep box stage, on which she creates her settings with cardboard and paper, colour and light. The story tells of confidence and friendship, certainty and patience. And finally of friendship and strength of heart, even if the friend is so small and delicate that bear can easily carry him to the swings on his hand. Thus bear is the docile counterpart to the fearful woman in The Visit.” – Katrin Rüger, www.buchpalastmuenchen.de, 8th November 2016


Moritz Verlag | 36 pp | 194 x 256 mm | Aug 2016 | 4+

Rights sold: Chinese (compl. & simpl.), English (world), French, Korean, Slovenian


[original German title: Warten auf Goliath]


Also available by Antje Damm: The Visit