Ana Popescu & Clemens Bruno Gatzmaga

Ellea and the City

Ellea und die Stadt

There are days when you can hear the fish whispering if you put your ear very close to the surface of the great ocean.

In the past, the monkeys still lived in tree hollows on the mountain. Then they moved down to the city. Only monkey Ellea didn’t. While the city monkeys are super busy, constantly having calls and meetings and zooming, she sits on a branch and looks into the distance. Until she discovers that a fire is breaking out in the city.

Karl Rauch Verlag

Picture Book | Story Book

Original title: Ellea und die Stadt
Age 6+
80 pp | € 22
hc | 170 x 230 mm
Publication: October 2023

Author: Clemens Bruno Gatzmaga
Illustrator: Ana Popescu

All rights available


“A valuable book with an important message that will also make adults think.” – Diana Leizinger, Jane Goodall Institute Austria

“Clemens Bruno Gatzmaga tells a clever parable for children from the age of four about us modern apes and our confused prioritisation. Coherently illustrated by Ana Popescu.” – Katja Kraft, Münchner Merkur

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