Who’s switched the light off? And what’s an UFO doing there?

For twelve everyday words – such as Car, Rain, Air or Friend – Susanne Straßer has created a vividly colorful scene each. Each spread is teeming with crazy fun motives and artistic ideas.

This colourful, imaginary and funny picture book without words invites children and parents to immerse themselves in the pictures, let their minds wander, just get talking.

by Susanne Straßer


“An invitation to little bookworms to tell their own stories.” – Erdinger Anzeiger


“The boundaries between reality and fantasy are blurred!” – WAZ


“There [is] really a lot to see.” – dpa

Mixtvision | hc | 32 pp | 220 x 270 mm | 3+

All rights available 


[original title: Als die Schweine ins Weltall flogen]