The Extinction and Survival of the Species

“Larger than a swan, with the body of an ostrich and the talons of an eagle.“

At the end of the 16th Century, the Dodo was discovered on the island of Mauritius, a flightless bird that lived peacefully among exotic plants and animals. Just a hundred years later, the Dodo had disappeared, becoming part of the large number of species that are now extinct.

In her new illustrated book, Isabel Pin explores how a harmless bird could disappear so quickly and considers what we can do to prevent more animals from simply disappearing.

by Isabel Pin

A book written with scientific advice for readers young and old.

From the contents:

  • The Dodo
  • Animals that lived with the Dodo on Mauritius
  • Why didn‘t the Dodo learn to fly?
  • World map of endagngered animal species
  • At risk, critically endangered, in danger of extinction- – what are the differences?
  • What could be done to save endangered species?
  • The reappearance of lost species … and much more

The extinction of species and the environment explained in a child-friendly way.

Well-founded content and lovingly illustrated.

Printed on recycled paper with mineral oil-free inks without shrink-wrapping.


Karl Rauch Verlag | hc | 72 pp | 240 x 320 mm | 8+

All rights available


[original title: Damals der Dodo]