Good night, little Mia

Frog, hedgehog, cat and mouse rustle, mew and snort through the garden in the evening. The sounds of the animals lull little Mia to sleep.

The scene is probably familiar to all parents: It‘s bedtime, but the child is jumping around on the bed, happy as a lark. There is no sign of tiredness.

“Splish!“ The sound outside the window captures little Mia‘s attention. Who was that? A glance into the garden solves the mystery: A frog jumps into the pond and croaks a night song for Mia. Oh, the bed is so nice and cosy—will she be able to sleep now?

A lovingly rhymed bedtime story with lots of details to look for and discover, in which everyday garden sounds become bedtime music for the very small children.

by Olivia Huth & Uwe Becker


Südpol Verlag | board | 20 pp | 180 x 180 mm | 2021 | 1+

All rights available


[original title: Mias kleine Schlafmusik]