Nature, Humans and the Future of Our Planet

We have reshaped our planet in such a way that we have almost brought it to its knees. How could it come to this? Why do we destroy what keeps us alive? And what is left to do about it now?

The authors jump right into the middle of the ecological crisis, which appears to be so vastly complex and threatening. Yet they succeed in achieving something amazing: They create clarity! Well-founded and in a fresh narrative tone they explain how the Earth‘s ecosystem works and trace the profound changes that humans have made—humans who still do not cease to think of progess as endless growth.

There is no doubt: This book is entirely on the side of ‘Generation Greta‘, which loudly demands a change of direction because nothing less than its future is at stake. The book challenges its readers without overwhelming them and, despite all the drama, conveys an optimistic view of a world that can be changed for the better.

Only those who understand the world can find their way out of the catastrophe. A book to marvel, think, and act.

by Sascha Mamczak, Martina Vogl & Katrin Stangl


  • Nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2021
  • Longlisted as one of the Most Beautiful German Books 2021 (Stiftung Buchkunst)
  • Winner of the Science Book of the Year Award 2021
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers—October 2020
  • Nature Book of the Month—October 2020 

“A book that gives courage to change the world. Because it will be the world of young readers.” – Greenpeace Magazine


“Sascha Mamczak and Martina Vogl do not write in an alarmist way, but they state the urgency of action, and above all they focus on explaining the ecosystem Earth … Uncompromising in attitude, differentiated in argumentation.” – Hans ten Doornkaat / NZZ


“The Earth‘s ecosystem is explained in a well-founded, factual and stimulating way in order to look ahead to the future. In ten chapters the authors address individual topics, demand changes and, despite the dramatic situation, try to offer optimistic perspectives and possibilities. A convincing non-fiction book that stands out from the multitude of nature books! –  Deutsche Akademie für Kinder– und Jugendliteratur


“The authors present a detailed book that is philosophical in the best sense of the word. The language is clear and simple, so that 12 to 14-year-olds can easily understand it without the facts being simplified.” – Eselsohr, Jan 2021


“Their knowledge of ecology, economy and politics is characterized by a friendly objectivity that keeps in touch the young audience. One experiences with great pleasure how this […] book intertwines the various fields of knowledge concerning the climate crisis with the tool of philosophy—in an easily readable and critical manner.“ – Philosophie Magazin

Peter Hammer Verlag | hc | 270 pp | 175 x 225 mm | 2020 | 12+

Rights sold: Korean


[original edition: Eine neue Welt. Die Natur, die Menschen und die Zukunft unseres Planeten]