Zebras have stripes.

All zebras have stripes.

Zebras are beautiful.

All day long they take pictures of each other. The zebras. Because they find themselves so beautiful. Their stripes in particular. And they show the  photographs around. “Just look at those wondful stripes! My wonderful stripes!“, they say. And they really find themselves beautiful. Only one zebra does not take pictures of itself. Because this zebra only has one single stripe; only a single, small, black stripe. That really isn‘t anything to impress anyone with. And that‘s why this zebra is always sad and walks around with its head hanging low. And it takes walks. Long, long walks …

Andreas Thaler tells this story of the zebra with only one stripe with a lot of wit and cheerfulness while Lisa Maria Wagner captures its long walk and curious encounters with gently defined drawings and lucid colour fields. Black, white, black, white,

                                                         black, white—Z like colourful!

by Lisa Maria Wagner & Andreas Thaler


“Text and image harmonize with each other in a unique way, Wagner captures the encounters in the delicate illustrations. Just wonderful!” – Deutsche Akademie für Kinder- und Jugendliteratur, 3/2020


Luftschacht | hc | 32 pp | 290 x 186 mm | 2020 | 3+

Rights sold: Turkish


[original title: Z wie bunt]