A is for Antarctica by David Böhm has been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award!

This is what the jury had to say:

“Antarctica, the southernmost continent on earth, is extraordinary in many ways: As a place of extremes and supposedly the last, untouched wilderness, the eternal ice is invaluable, but also – but not only – for the climate of our planet. This large-format, high-quality non-fiction book takes a look at the fascinating but largely still unknown part of the world and amazes us with its diversity, inhospitability and beauty. Again and again, the question of one’s (own) perspective and perception is deliberately asked, and [the reader] is encouraged to take a closer look and ask questions.

With an impressive mix of different types of text, […] which present biological, historical, geographical and political factual knowledge, anecdotes, personal impressions and philosophical questions, “A Is for Antarctica” is both convincing on a factual-informative level and with a view on the visual design of the double and fold-out pages: photographs, maps, comic elements, infographics and illustrations are skilfully and cleverly combined. Extraordinary.”

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