The Dutch edition of HAVE YOU SEEN ELEPHANT (published by Gottmer) has been award the Silver Brush 2018 (Zilveren Griffel).

Out of all the new Dutch picture books in 2017 eight Silver Brushes were awarded and we are delighted that David’s book is amongst the final eight!

This is what the jury had to say:

An original and witty book that calls for reading it out loud. The elephant in the room is hidden in funny situations in a very credible way. A simple fact has been worked out humorously here. The elephant stands behind the table lamp and hides under a sheet. The boy does not see him and that leads to hilarious scenes. He keeps searching and does not notice anything as each reader will shout: “Look, look good!” It undoubtedly appeals to the imagination of toddlers and preschoolers who are fond of hiding games and are still trying to discover what it means to to be and not to be seen. It is funny, subtle and friendly […] and the look is surprising and original.
David Barrow creates atmospheric images through a refined use of light and dark with shadows playing a major role. He plays in an ingenious way with the (in)visibility of the elephant and makes optimal use of what you can do with illustrations. It is a full and stylish book with a sharp focus. The drawings are so strong that the text could be omitted. The endpapers and title page are fantastic and a nice preparation for the situations that are outlined in the book.

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