This is the Goethe-Institut program aimed at English-language publishers for the translation of German-language literature into English.

English-language publishers can apply as of now for grants supporting the translation into English of important works of German-language literature.

Eligibility requirements:

  • Grants are available for
    • current German-language literary fiction, poetry, non-fiction books, children’s and young adults’ literature as well as graphic novels;
    • non-fiction books dealing with current, socially relevant topics.
  • A valid license agreement and a contract with a qualified translator must exist at the time of application.
  • The translation must be from the German original, which must already have been published in print.
  • Only projects that have not yet gone to press at the time the subsidy agreement is concluded will be considered for funding.
  • The American publisher is obligated to mention Goethe-Institut as a sponsor and print the logo of the Goethe-Institut (see contract for exact wording). Should this be neglected, Goethe-Institut reserves the right to not disburse the agreed-upon sum or to demand repayment.

Applications are accepted using an online application form starting now. Applications will be processed on an ongoing basis.

Link to Goethe Institut – Books First


The Zebra Under the Bed by Markus Orths and Kerstin Meyer features in the latest reader and is guaranteed a grant for translation into English. For the English review and sample translation please click on the cover of the Books First Reader: