One morning there is a zebra under Hanna’s bed. A living zebra! Just like that. Hanna has only recently moved into the area with her two dads, so she is happy when Brownlee—that’s the zebra’s name—comes along to school with her. A zebra in the classroom? Impossible! But as Brownlee is darned good at  writing, calculating and gymnastics, he is allowed to stay. At least to start with. The children will never forget this school day: imagine learning how to write on Brownlee’s stripes! Leap-frogging over his back! A dream of a gymnastics lesson!

But all of a sudden the door opens and two zoo keepers come in and lead Brownlee away. What is Hanna to do now?

by Markus Orths & Kerstin Meyer

“A funny book against prejudices, a book that captures your interest in the unknown.” – Der Tages-Spiegel

“Great characters, super dialogues and marvellous illustrations: seldom has a book handled the topic of being different in as graceful a way.” – White Ravens

“A sweet, whacky story with great depth.” – ORF

“A book to fall in love with.” – Evangelisches Literaturportal

  • White Ravens 2016
  • Leipzig Reading Compass 2015
  • 7 Best Books for Young Readers, Jan 2016

Moritz Verlag | 72 pp | 150 x 218 mm | 2015 | 6+

Rights sold: Czech, Spanish


SAMPLE TRANSLATION (Goethe Institut’s Books First Reader)

[original title: Das Zebra unterm Bett]