Isabel Pin’s AT THE TIME OF THE DODO has been nominated for this year’s German Children’s Literature Award.

This is what the jury had to say:

“The bibliophile-looking large format […] invites you on a thematic journey through time. At the centre is the exotic-looking dodo that inspires the imagination. Where exactly did he live? Diet? Flying abilities? – All this is clarified and at the same time used as a template to draw attention to other extinct and endangered species. In terms of content, the book masters hundreds of years of natural and cultural history, which merge into an impressive all-round view. Biology, ornithology, palaeontology and history are skilfully interwoven and supplemented by biographical notes on researchers and collectors. The result is a comprehensive knowledge package that leads up to our own time and ends with a map of endangered species. It is brilliant how the book sets warning signals without moralising, how the horizon of reflection is unobtrusively broadened.

At the Time of the Dodo is entirely characterised by the artist Isabel Pin. Delicate illustrations, sometimes sketched only with a filigree black line on the yellowed-looking paper, sometimes underlaid with ink colours, inspire with their charm and rich variety. Parallel to this flows the light, exciting reading text.”

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