After having received a number of awards already – including Book of the Month (Akademie KJL), with the Toad of the Month (STUBE) or the LesePeter (AJuM of the GEW) – Nils Mohl’s YA novel “Henny & Ponger” has now been nominated for the German Children’s Literature Award 2023.

This is what the jury had to say: “In terms of language, Nils Mohl draws virtuously on the imagery of outer space whenever names and motifs are based on it. With a touch of science fiction, he finds a new and refreshing trick to tell of growing up as an experience of foreignness – in the shape of a love story.”

The German Children’s Literature Award, which has been awarded since 1956, is the highest award for children’s and YA literature in Germany. The Hamburg author Nils Mohl already received the state prize in 2012 for his YA novel “Once Upon a Time, Indian Land.”

Link to the jury’s full statement in German

Link to the book’s full details