WILD BIKE RIDE WITH VELOCIRAPTOR by Nils Mohl and Halina Kirschner has been selected as the MINT (STEM) Book of the Month by STUBE in April 2023. It was also selected as one of the ‘7 Best Books for Young Readers’ the same month.

From the STUBE review:
” … the encounter between author and prehistoric beast leads to a wacky, metafictional tour de force along the 26 narrative stages. […] Things don’t always go smoothly, and there are times when one thinks of turning back. In the end, however, the two very different protagonists are reconciled again and again, leading to surprising turning points in the narrative. Its literal drive results not only from the ups and downs and backs and forths on the Vélo, which require luck and skill, but also from the effective illustrations: Halina Kirschner relies on expressive colourfulness. She contours her figures in rapid brushstrokes and sets the appropriate accents with green and pink.
[…] Here she [the illustrator] enhances the pictorial wit not only with the dynamics of the dino-lady, but also with comic elements such as speedlines or soundwords. And with a preference for sylleptic figurines and small details, she continues to tell the text in an associative and varied way.”

Recommended for all cycling and dinosaur fans aged four years and more, this book will draw readers in with its easy narrative style and the racy illustrations in green, black and pink.