Nils Mohl & Halina Kirschner

Wild Bike Ride with Velociraptor

Wait a minute – velociraptors? Those were very fast dinos, weren’t they? The narrator, a writer with a rusty talent for storytelling and a great passion for bicycles, is astonished when suddenly such a feathered prehistoric reptile stands in front of him. The quick-witted and curious Velorciraptor wants to become even faster: She wants to learn how to ride a bike from him.

And so the two begin a journey in 26 chapters, and along the way learn the most important terms, rules and tips about cycling. Finally, the Ciraptor feels so well prepared that she can even compete in a big bike race – will she win it? In any case, the author has experienced many new adventures and gained a real friend – probably the first velociraptor who really deserves this name.

A bike book for all novice riders aged 4 and up, whether animal or human. Humorously written by youth literature award winner and bike freak Nils Mohl, racily illustrated by Halina Kirschner.

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Children’s Fiction – Chapter Book

Original title: Wilde Radtour mit Velociraptorin
Age 4+
56 pp | € 20
3 special colours
hc | 170 x 240 mm
Publication: March 2023

Author: Nils Mohl
Illustrator: Halina Kirschner

All rights available, excl. Spanish & Portuguese


“Halina Kirschner’s pictures are striking, dynamic and colourful, they have charm and character”. – Katja Spitzer

“A crazy trip […] The first time I read it, it was an uncanny pleasure, coupled with the amazement of where it was all going. And on the second reading I realised how cleverly it is all constructed. How much the linguistic details relate to each other. […]  Extremely funky and action-packed.” – Heidi Lexe, 7 Deutschlandfunk, 7 Best Books for Young Readers

“The comic-like illustrations in green, pink, white, black underline the wit of this wonderfully quirky story, which is great fun for everyone.” – Britta Selle, MDR Kultur

“Nils Mohl and Halina Kirschner […] really make you want to get on the saddle, pedal hard and whizz down the next hill.” – Eliane Fischer, Mintundmalve

“C for crazy reading fun. Wild Bike Ride with Velociraptor mutates into a perennial favourite in the children’s bedroom, and delights not only bike fans.” – Nadine Kammer, Kinderbuchschatz

“This is exactly how you get kids excited about cycling.” – Daniel Pietrzik,

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