Eilika Mühlenberg

Luis's Plan

‘I can do it all by myself’!

Luis has something special planned for today. For the first time, he wants to go to the big scooter park at the other end of the city on his own. He draws a map of the city and bravely sets off. But then one of the gates is closed and he has to drive through it on his scooter. But Luis knows how to help himself and finds his way.

The new story by Eilika Mühlenberg encourages children with sensitive text and impressive pictures and sends a clear message to all adults: Trust children to do something on their own!


Picture Book

Original title: Luis’ Plan
Age 4+
44 pp | € 17
hc | 243 x 247 mm
Publication: March 2024

Author & Illustrator: Eilika Mühlenberg

All rights available


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