Simak Büchel & Larisa Lauber

A Heart for Monsters - The Flying Dragon Grotto

Ein Herz fur Monster_2 Cover_3D_print

Light and airy adventure: of flying otters and floating islands

Cloud traveller Bella needs help, because the floating islands and her parents’ cloud fortress are constantly being ravaged by swarms of monsters that seem to devastate everything for no reason.

Ainu manages to capture one of the flying monsters. It’s a scaly and they feed on – freshly stripped dragon skin! So there must be a dragon living in one of the flying islands! The cloud riders are in a frenzy. But it gets worse: the dragon is not alone – it is guarding a clutch of 29 eggs! When Bella can’t resist and steals one of them, the dragon becomes furious. Will Ainu manage to appease him?

Südpol Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Ein Herz für Monster – Die fliegende Drachengrotte
Age 8+
128 pp | € 14
hc | 148 x 210 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author: Simak Büchel
Illustrator: Larisa Lauber

All rights available


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