Andrea Lienesch & Sabine Sauter

Henriette Piggyback - The Darned Witchy Search for the Fungus Muffle Kiss

Henriette Huckepack_Muffelkuss

Henriette Piggyback – the cheerful little witch with a great inventive spirit

Henriette Piggyback and Great Aunt Martha go on an expedition to the Miefenthal cave, because this is the only place where the fungus Muffel Kiss grows, which Martha needs for her magic potions. The old witch quickly conjures up a light ball to show them the way to the magic mushroom. But when she runs her head into a rock face, she faints and the flare disappears. When Martha regains consciousness, she no longer knows who she is and can’t think of a single spell! And Henriette can’t do witchcraft without a spell book! Will Henriette manage to get out of the cave without using witchcraft and find the mushroom at the same time?

“The likeable young witch inspires with her creativity and cheerfulness, but above all with her toolbox!” – Kilifü – Almanac of children’s literature


Südpol Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Henriette Huckepack – Die verflixt-verhexte Suche nach dem Fungus Muffelkuss
Age 7+
128 pp | € 14
hc | 148 x 210 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author: Andrea Lienesch
Illustrator: Sabine Sauter

All rights available


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