Andrea Lienesch & Sabine Sauter

Henriette Piggyback - A Good Screw is Better than Crooked Magic

Broken clock? It will be fixed! Learning spells? Quite complicated!

Henriette is not a very talented witch.—she constantly forgets her magic spells and misplaces her spell book. Instead of brewing potions and practising spells, she is far more interested in how to fix the broken toaster. To help Scrubbolt, her old, frail, but loyal witches broom, she fixes a propeller underneath her hoover. Just as quick she has a perfect flying object which can carry her, her squirrel Fuzz and Srubbolt through the air.

But the exam for young witches, which takes place every seven years, only tests magic powers—how is Henriette to pass the exam? If she fails, she won‘t be allowed to practice witchcraft for the next seven years and has to hand over all her magical possessions—including her witch‘s animal, squirrel Fuzz! But Fuzz is Henriette‘s best friend!

Will Henriette‘s talents at handiwork save her?

Südpol Verlag

Children’s Fiction

Original title: Henriette Huckepack – Gut geschraubt ist besser als schief gehext
Age 7+
128 pp | € 14
hc | 148 x 210 mm
Publication: Feb 2022

Author: Andrea Lienesch
Illustrator: Sabine Sauter

All rights available


 “The likeable up-and-coming witch delights with her creativity and her cheerfulness, but above all with her toolbox!” – Kilifü – Almanac of Children’s Literature 2022/23

“I hope that this book will encourage many girls to get involved with technology, because after all, it is impossible to imagine our everyday lives without it. And it’s very useful if you can use a drill yourself or change a tyre.”-
Henriette Orlik, Die Linkshänderin

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