Judith Kleinschmidt & Michael Mantel

A Case for Trunk Dog


There’s only one sniffer dog like this!

Have you ever tried to teach a goldfish to play ball? Or cuddle a lizard? Exactly! So everything speaks in favour of a dog, says Theo.
Whenever his father is on duty, Theo spends time with his neighbour Flora, who works in a pet shop. When the two of them find an abandoned animal one day, Theo is overjoyed. He has wanted a dog of his own for so long. He is not sure whether the animal he has found is actually a dog. But it doesn’t matter. Because Theo immediately takes Lotto to his heart.
But then dog food is stolen from the pet shop and suspicion falls on Flora, and Theo realises that Flora has nothing to do with the whole thing! And he’s going to prove it together with Lotto. The two of them take up the investigation …

A wonderfully quirky crime story about friendship, love of animals and real sleuths.


Children’s Fiction

Original title: Ein Fall für den Rüsselhund
Age 5+
144 pp | € 18
hc | 170 x 230 mm
Publication: March 2024

Author: Judith Kleinschmidt
Illustrator: Michael Mantel

All rights available


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