Jörg Mühle

Tomorrow, I am the Boss!

When the weasel comes home, he can hardly believe his eyes: Bear and Badger are playing with each other. The weasel is furious. Because Badger is his friend!
“Why don’t you play with us?” suggests the badger, but Bear and Weasel can’t agree, not on football, not on memory or hide-and-seek: “You always want to be the boss!” says the weasel. “I just can’t play with you!” says Bear. At some point, Badger has to go home …

Getting together as a group is not easy. Who can play and who can’t? And who decides anyway? This picture book tells a tongue-in-cheek story about a situation that every child knows.

Moritz Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Morgen bestimme ich!
Age 4+
32 pp | € 14
hc | 198 x 282 mm
Publication: February 2024

Author & Illustrator: Jörg Mühle

Rights sold: Danish, Dutch, French, Italian, Luxembourgish, Polish, Swedish


“Oh, it’s marvellous how much attention to detail Jörg Mühle has put into drawing the two squabblers and the badger and how much humour he has used to tell the story!” – Stories, Hamburg

“Great, incomparable, taken from the everyday lives of day-care centre children. Loud laughter rang through the shop when we read it for the first time!” – Leselust, Gilching

“[…] we find amusing, real-life material about children working with and against each other as well as a commendable dialogue-based conflict resolution. For as stubborn and egocentric as the two quarrellers are, they nevertheless only fight with words, can clearly formulate their different needs and perceptions and never become physically aggressive. […] The conflict vividly portrayed in this story will be familiar to children. The facial expressions and body language, which are captured very harmoniously in the drawings, as well as the witty arguments offer many opportunities for identification and at the same time a cheerfully reflective way of looking at things from an impersonal distance.” – leselebenszeichen.wordpress.com

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