Nur noch kurz 3D

It’s getting late and Little Rabbit must go to bed. Can you help him?

This interactive board book introduces a wonderful new bedtime ritual:

Clap your hands, fluff the pillow, give Little Rabbit’s ears a tickle, stroke his back, pull up the covers and give him a goodnight kiss. And don’t forget to turn off the light: here’s the switch!

Enjoy this sweet interactive animation where you can tuck Little Rabbit in, tickle his ears, kiss him goodnight and turn off the lights here.


by Jörg Mühle


  • White Raven 2015
  • Leselotse Recommendation – Jan 2015
  • Recommended by Stiftung Lesen
  • Nominated as Babybook of the Year 2015 (Netherlands)


“A wonderful interactive bedtime book for children and little rabbits.” – Axel Scheffler


“The most unbelievably cute book imaginable!” – Björn Lauer, Hugendubel


“Soft, crayonlike outlines and some lovely touches (Little Rabbit’s rosy cheeks have the texture of thumbprints) help establish a quiet mood that could help pave the way for smooth bedtimes on readers’ parts, too.” – Publishers Weekly (US)


“The illustrations are harmoniously reduced, the colours dipped in evening-soft tones, the instructions simple and varied – and the cute protagonist doesn’t just enchant tired children. With a big cuddle and favourite-book-factor!” – Stiftung Lesen (German Reading Foundation)


Moritz Verlag | board | 22 pp | 170 x 170 mm | Feb 2015 | 2+

Rights sold: Catalan, Chinese (complex & simplified), Danish, Dutch, English (world), Faroese, Finnish, French, Hebrew, Hungarian, Irish-Gaelic, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Polish, Russian, Spanish, Swedish, Ukrainian

[original title: Nur noch kurz die Ohren kraulen?]


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