Jörg Mühle

Two for Me, One for You

Bear finds three tasty mushrooms on her way home through the woods. Her friend Weasel cooks them up in the frying pan. But the friends have a problem: how to share three between two?

Bear and Weasel come up with one argument after another for why they should have more. Bear needs more because she’s big; Weasel needs more because he’s small and needs to grow. Weasel cooked them, but with Bear’s recipe …

Until the fox comes around the corner and snatches a mushroom. That solves the problem. They eat the two mushrooms and it’s time for dessert. Here comes Weasel with the scrumptious wild strawberries, three of them to share…

Moritz Verlag

Picture Book

Original title: Zwei für mich, einer für dich
Age 4+
32 pp | € 12.95
hc | 175 x 245 mm
Publication: 2018

Author & Illustrator: Jörg Mühle

Rights sold: Arabic, Catalan, Chinese (compl. & simpl.), Danish, Dutch, English (world), Italian, Korean, Luxembourgish, Polish, Russian, Slovenian, Spanish, Swedish, Turkish, Ukrainian, Vietnamese


“Mühle’s storytelling has a fine sense of comic pacing, and his cartoons are simple but effective, uncluttered and full of white space, creating cozy domesticity in the forest.” – Kirkus Reviews

“Gentle humour and a delightful twist at the end will elicit chuckles, spark discussion and guarantee requests for repeat readings. Beautifully illustrated, too.” – Otago Daily Times (NZ)

“The illustrations and the reduced text are as funny as they are lovely, they make children laugh and think. This book is a wonderful achievement.” – Rosa Schmidt Vierthaler, DIE PRESSE

“A magnificently drawn picture book for the little ones about disputes and trying to come to an agreement.” – Die Besten 7, Deutschlandfunk

“With a stroke that allows over-drawing, and with few colors Mühle tells of a dispute that is annoying in the children’s bedroom and entertains well in a picture book.” – Hans ten Doornkaat, NZZ am Sonntag

“This book encourages a fun and delightful discussion abou how to share.” – Susanne Lux, Bh. Nimmerland, Mainz, in Kaffee oder Tee, SWR

“This funny friendship fable hits the spot.” – Kirkus Reviews


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