Gema Sirvent & Armand

The Unknown Christmas - A Forgotten History of the Celebration of Winter Solstice


* Was Jesus Christ really born on December 25?
* How many Wise Kings were there, 3, 4, 7 or 12?
* What does Christmas have to do with the Roman Saturnalia?
* When and where was the first Christmas tree put up?
* And the first nativity scene?
* What is the difference between Father Christmas, Santa Claus and St. Nicholas?

These and many other questions are answered in this book, which explains the links between ancient and modern traditions of celebrating the winter solstice and Christmas, the pagan symbols that have endured, the main rituals of Christmas today, its prominent figures as well as the typical dishes and sweets of the season.
Written in a reader-friendly language and with tables with complementary information or interesting facts, Armand’s imaginative and original illustrations are a perfect complement to guarantee an enjoyable reading experience.
A book that will help us see Christmas with a different perspective, regardless of the way in which each person wants to celebrate this ancestral rite.


Children’s Non-Fiction

Original title: La Navidad desconocida
Age 9+
112 pp | € 21
hc | 215 x 260 mm
Publication: November 2023

Author: Gema Sirvent
Illustrator: Armand

All rights available


“An informative 117-page book for those who want to understand, with respect and without questioning anything or anyone, the origins of Christmas. Ideal as a gift for the festive season, because one thing is clear to me after reading this book: from a pagan or religious point of view, these are dates for enjoyment and celebration.” – Carme Mateo

“Would you be able to get through an intense trivia game where you will be asked about the origin of Christmas, why lights are put up, why Christmas falls on December 25th, when the first nativity scene was set up… If you are a fervent follower of Christmas but fail in knowledge…, I think you urgently need to read this book.” –  El asombrario

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